Houseboat cruises bestow an occur treat that escalates your senses to elevated echelons of ecstasy. You get amazing views of alive lagoons, exquisite lakes and canals. Known colloquially as Kettuvalloms, houseboats offer the best way to enjoy nature’s charm in a serene backdrop.

Kettuvalloms in the past were used for transportation of spices and rice to Kochi port from Kuttanad. Initially they were made tying ropes together along with wood and many other components. Today, the slow-moving huge barges in which tourist enjoy voyages are in fact the altered and enhanced version of Kettuvalloms where traditional gracefulness are blended with technological provisions.

Blue Greens provide cruises through Kerala backwaters on three separate categories of houseboats. Hygiene and comfort are maintained with apex consideration to the same.

This is for those who are here to delve into the most lavish and comfy experience. Stay at ease and enjoy a majestic cruise in our Luxury houseboats.

 Fully furnished bedrooms (1-3)

 Completely glass covered and AC in the living rooms

 Entire rooms are large in size

 Attached bathrooms

 Comfortable chairs and antiquated furniture

 Separate restroom for the crew.

 Traditional lanterns are used as lights.

 Special items in the food menu

 TV and DVD player

This the most preferred option among tourists as this assures an optimal range of luxury with all needed facilities. You can surely feel contented with the endowments.

 Full time AC in the rooms

 Modern Amenities

 Fixed food menu

 Well-furnished furniture

 Spacious rooms are availed

 High-quality furniture

 Well lit rooms and well-appointed interiors

 Attached bathrooms with adequate features

 TV and DVD player etc

This is focussed on those for whom budget is a constraint. We have made every possible effort to assure that those who opt for deluxe packages never fail to pleasantly experience the backwaters.

 Comparatively lesser prize

 AC from 9 pm to 6 am

 Customary food menu

 Well-furnished furniture

 Normal rooms with sufficient facilities

 Attached bathroom with standard conveniences

 TV and DVD player

This is for those who are here to delve into the most lavish and comfy experience. Stay at ease and enjoy a majestic cruise in our ultLuxury houseboats.

• Fully furnished bedrooms

• Completely glass covered and A/C in the living rooms

• Entire rooms are large in size

• Attached bathrooms

• Comfortable chairs and antiquated furniture room& hall

• Separate rest room for the crew

• Traditional lanterns are used as lights

• Special items in the food menu

• TV and DVD player

Blue Greens also avails great opportunities for hosting a wide range of events at the houseboats including weddings, cultural shows and MICE etc. We have AC and Non AC conference hall with a seating capacity of 100. All needed equipment including mike, LCD projectors etc. are provided, as per the demand.